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Web Design

The website design is that progress with you can share your enterprise all over the world.

The main sections of the website making:

       First is - needs assessment

I have to know your, and your enterprise's claim. I have to measure, what i want to reach with your website. There are more ways avaible. You offer products, or services, or maybe informations. The best way to talk about needs assessment is to meet, it is preferred if your enterprise is in Budapest.

In the beginning we have to make a website map, together. It is a small drawing, if you watch this, you will understand the structure of the site. Actually here come true how many menu item, and page we will have. What pages what we want, to you can change content Management is the system...etc.

I need your help to make the site, because you know the best your personal activity. The making of the pictures, and texts what was included in the website map is a very important step. Here you have to think over, because these texts, and pictures are public, so they have to be useful, and meaningful.

       The outfit of the site

The aspect of aestetic the most important thing is to choose the best outfit. I will show you a few possibilities, and you will choose the right.

Here very big help to me the avaible marketing materials, if you have (business card, catalog, prospectus, etc.)

       Upload content and testing

When you finish a website, you can upload with content (for example: enter the products, news, events, actual offer, etc.)

       The end of the website design

After the testing, and uploading we can take the website to its place. With this step our work was not finish, because important thing is the follow-up changing. These needs are reveals during the operation.

       Statistical tracking, and analysis

I will place to your site monitoring devices what will help you to follow up your website's attendance, which keywords helped the visitor to find your site, which is the most attendanced page, etc..

       Web marketing/Search Engine (more details)

If you need a demanding website search me with confidence!

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